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We are interested in engaging committed individuals in activities for the welfare and development of Poor & Needy Persons & Children. Options for Volunteering :

  1. Teaching children: Helping children to learn important subjects as per the curriculum of Butterflies.
  2. Enhancing Life Skills: Conducting sessions with children on topics like respecting others, Tolerance, Respecting cultural diversity, dealing with emotions, saying no to drugs, decision making, communication and others.
  3. Art & Crafts: Teaching children to make various products which could enable them to realise their creative potentials.
  4. Cultural Activities: Engaging children in cultural activities such as music, dance, theatre and showcase their talents.
  5. Health Care: Doctors and other medical professionals could assist with medical check up of children, provide medical treatment to sick children and conduct health education sessions.
  6. Recreation/ Educational Tours: Organising picnics for groups of children or visits to educational sites or monuments.

Corporate Partnerships and Funding:

We are committed to connect and work with responsible corporates to create simple and effective solutions for bringing real and lasting changing the lives of children and their families. As a company / organisation you can support D.A.V in the following ways :

  1. Sponsor D.A.V. Costs for Awareness Building: your company can sponsor the costs incurred on developing communication material like Advertising Meterials, Pemplet & Posters, mailers, etc. Your organisation will be credited as a sponsor.
  2. Employee Monthly Contributions: With your organisation, employees can donate a nominal amount from their salary to D.A.V. every month. Your organisation could choose to match the amount collected by the employees every month.
  3. Fund a Project: Your organisation can fund a D.A.V. project. You can visit the project to understand the work better and we will provide updates on the project twice a year.

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