Annual Reports

Electrician Training

Electricity is an extremely important part of our daily life activity. We are very much dependent on electricity. But imagine, if some problems occurs with our electric system - that definitely causes us a lot of worry because everyone can’t handle electricity related issues. Trying to do it without basic knowledge can prove to be dangerous. To handle such situations, we resort to a qualified electrician who has complete knowledge about electrical work and can handle any malfunction. The description of electricians' job includes testing, fitting and repairing wiring and circuits. He is also responsible for installing new electrical infrastructures.

We are providing this course in the association with TATA Power Delhi Distribution Ltd. Electricians work in residential homes, public houses and buildings. They ensure maintenance and installation of electrical wiring and all the related equipment. Electricians are always in demand because every other day new buildings are being made and it is the job of electrician to install new circuits after building work is completed. These factors truly highlight the increasing role of electricians in our society. Electricians are well trained and are provided several hours of class room training and practical experience to become a skilled electrician.

Classes - Weekday (4 Sessions)
No. of seats - 25 only in every Batch.