Health Awarness Programme

In line with our commitment to ‘Health for All’ we have a regular programme for organizing health camps which apart from providing solutions, focus on information dissemination and preventive healthcare practices.

Health Camps are integrated as part of our healthcare programmes. Regular health camps are organized in rural areas focusing on Eye care, tuberculosis, worm infestation, skin infections and STI/HIV/AIDS.These camps are aimed at generating awareness, diagnosis and treatment of health hazards. A large number of cases relating to Anemia, Malaria, Diarrhea and especially Dengue before the onset of monsoon were being reported from different parts of the delhi which prompted us to start these focused specialist camps.Preventive techniques are especially encouraged through these camps. Lady Gynaecologists devote special sessions for girls on reproductive health and hygiene apart from general care during menstruation. A comprehensive health checkup for all age groups is conducted by Medical Officers in camps.